Went to the supermarket last night and nearly fell over after entering the bread section. Hot. Cross. Buns. Already!! What’s with that?!? I’m still packing away Christmas decorations and they’re getting ready for EASTER – OMFG!! Is this world in that bad a state that the powers that be pride themselves on making the rest of us feel like we’re constantly falling behind the norm of everyday society!

I mean really – what about Australia Day or Labour Day BEFORE Easter. I don’t care that there’s nothing we usually buy from supermarkets as a nation to celebrate these occasions! It is too bloody soon to be stocking Easter paraphernalia! By the time Easter gets here we’ll all be that bloody sick and tired of eating the damn buns that it will take the special feeling you get from consuming copious amounts of the things at Easter away from us. So yet again we get an overall feeling of being deprived even though the opposite is obvious from the early stocking of the grocery shelves.

Is this yet another ploy at controlling our minds to strip the true meaning of things away from us, all the while turning special occasions into merchandising mayhem? I mean seriously – what’s a gal to do?????

Personally – I am boycotting the early purchase of said buns and Easter eggs…………..mmmmmm Easter eggs………..mmmm chocolate!!! OK, maybe not Easter eggs…………