Howdy gang. I’ve been so damn busy the last few days – even out at night time!!!!! Then when I finally get the chance to come back to all you wonderful people, I notice I haven’t posted since Saturday!! Where on earth does the time go?????

So I’m sitting here in hog heaven!!! Let’s see if you can guess why…………. House is quiet, I mean really, really quiet. Going to be this way for a number of days. I can watch what I want on tellie. Eat whenever & whatever I want. No schedule to stick to. No screaming. No fighting. No electronic ‘noise’ coming from various games throughout the house – unless I’m the one making it. No four legged friend to worry about. No time restraints. No fighting for the loo. No bitching about what’s being served for dinner. No hassles. Yep, you guessed it – Home. Alone. For. Six. Glorious. Days. 🙂


I would be!!!!!!

After they left I went and had a sleep – guilt free!!!!

What? I didn’t hear you properly? It sounded like you told me to shut up!?! Oh, you did? Sorry – not! LOL

No, really, I wish you could all come and enjoy this with me – God knows, some of you really need it!!! I will endeavor to bask in the luxury of it for you all……………..& I’ll be back later 🙂