OK, who’s got it??? I’ve searched the house from top to bottom. I’ve looked everywhere! I’ve asked my friends and not one of them has seen it! I’ve checked the garden, the rubbish bins, the boys room, my self help books and even asked the dog! I’m desperate and I can’t function without it so I’m asking you guys if any of you have seen my Mo-Jo????

Life without it has become unbearably difficult. All the things I was coping with are starting to wear me down. I’ve. Got. To. Find. It.

I can’t control my anxiety over DH’s health issues, dad, my stepfather (waiting on results from bone scans for bone cancer), muti’s health issues, major concerns with DS2 and everything that’s going on with him, trying to get my assignments completed to sit my exam and finding my house without my Mo-Jo 😦

So if any of you beautiful people have seen it or have some suggestions on where else I can look, please contact me – I will be eternally grateful xox