Yes, believe it or not I am still alive!!!!!

Huge apologies to all those who have been concerned and even sent me emails – thanks too by the way 🙂

Life has been a total bitch since the end of January and doesn’t show signs of letting up till 21st March!!! *sigh*

My dad’s home finally!  Six months in hospital all up.  Had a minor heart attack, pneumonia and bleeding into his catheter during February but all good now thank god!!

‘Mama’s happy’ didn’t last long.  He’s been a horror ever since.  Three adults to restrain him when he totally lost the plot 2 weeks ago.  Suffice it to say I have been spending time at their school with many more days to come.  😦

Madly trying to finish all my school work by 21st March so I can still graduate in April.  Thankfully they approved my request for an extension until then.  Then I can sit my oral (hehehe) exam…….OK, out of the gutter 🙂

Thank you to all those who have given me my first lot of blogging bling – I will be over to collect it asap I promise.  Stay well until I return – god am I going to have some major reading to do when I’m back on board properly……………

Love Anita xox


The morning started off like your typical morning, trying to get kids to school on time after school holidays…………….running late!!

My little blonde haired, blue eyed cherub (DS2), first day of school decides……today is the day he’s not getting out of bed at the normal crack of dawn.  Nooooo sireeeee.  I could hear him thinking, she’s going to have to work for this one!  I’m going to make her pull her hair out by staying in bed till 8am because it’s my first day of school and she won’t yell at me coz if I get upset, the day is a hell of a lot more likely to be realllllly baaaadd!!  I don’t care if we have to leave the house in 25 minutes, it’s my first day and we’re moving at my pace!!

DS1 is nearly ready even though he’s unwell, coughing and spluttering (only going to school because it’s his little brothers first day – does that make me a bad mum?).  Then I get the muuuuuuuum call.  “There’s a spider in my room!”  Great.  Now I’ve got to spend time trying to ‘find’ (normally no bigger than a bee’s dick) said spider before he’ll leave his room!!  It wasn’t hard.  Right above the door, size of your palm, angry!  I hate spiders…..with a passion……until the end of time.  Hubby away.  Crap!  Only thing to use is outdoor surface spray.  Persuade child through doorway with chocolate (thank god they’re like me!) and turn.that.sucker.white!

Finally leave home (at 8:45am – 10 minutes till 1st bell – 15 minute drive to school – not happy Jan!) and the sky opens up.  Neither child copes with rain (it hurts their heads – don’t know how they stand the shower but not my sensory issue so who am I to quibble!) which means the ‘packhorse’ will be left to carry school bags and 2 boxes (yes, boxes) of books at the other end 😦

Thunder and lightening hits as we enter school.  Not a problem for us…..BUT…….the four legged child at home will force her way through (yes through) the fence and be God knows where by the time I get back.  I know I digress, but feel I need to explain…….Our St Bernard is shit scared of thunder storms, fireworks, blasting from the quarry and basically anything else that goes bang.  If we are home she comes inside so she’s not in it, because she will do anything to get out – and.I.mean.anything!  She moves huge volcanic rocks like they’re pebbles, has forced her way through Rio wire, will dig a well to go under the fence and even used her teeth to break the normal wire last time.  Her last breakout just before Christmas cost us $365 (first time eva in the pound, caught kennel cough, and the council fine has just arrived)!!  Suffice it to say, I was not exactly happy about the prospect of driving the streets to look for her – again!

Where was I??  Oh yeah.  Get the boys into school and finally breathe!!  Three hours sleep.  Didn’t lose my cool.  Everyone alive (till I find the dog) and they seem okay.

Pick-up for my little baby was at 1pm and his smile was priceless.  It was one of those, I’ve been good and I know you’re going to be happy with me kinda smiles.

Pick-up for my big baby was 3:25pm and his smile made my heart soar.  Didn’t get to speak to his teacher this morning, or find out who his aide is for the year, but he had a great day with no problems.  So basically…………

………….it’s a THUMBS UP all round 🙂

PS I found the dog – hubby wants to sell her to highest asian bidder……

……….and I’m shit scared 😦

As you probably all know by now both my sons have Aspergers Syndrome (or aspie as we like to use in my house – sometimes even faspie (under my breath, honest) if they’re being particularly annoying!).  My oldest has had a totally brilliant first two years at school, excelling in all the areas we thought he would.  His ‘stressful’ times generally revolve around communication and social situations which is fairly normal for these kids.  My youngest on the other hand is a completely different story!!

We are expecting all sorts of problems there – inside the classroom AND in the playground.  People so often say “really? Both of them? But they are sooo different!”  Well durrrrr – they’re not the same person are they!!!  Even twins have differences!!

His list of ‘stressful’ times is a hell of a lot longer than his brothers, and he has the added bonus of a severe language disorder, along with bowel issues which all fuel the behaviour problems!!  The short of it is –!  Two hours of orientation last year was going really well until the last 10 minutes when a kid brushed past him to sit on the mat (soft pressure on his body hurts him) which ended with my little darlin kicking this kid in the head!  Would you want your child playing with mine??

His aide seems nice BUT old school.  I would love to have been able to have one of the young male aides BUT my baby needs really firm hugs to help him calm down and it’s not fair to put that expectation on a male when they have to be sooo careful with those sorts of things these days.  He won’t do number 2’s anywhere but home (quite a few of these kids are like that) which means his behaviour (kicking, screaming, hitting, punching etc with no preference for his target) will escalate throughout the day……………

So basically I’m playing a waiting game.  Waiting to see how things go.  Waiting to see if they’ll be able to cope with him.  Waiting to see if I can go to work once I’m qualified or will I need to spend time at the school.  Waiting, waiting, waiting……..

Thanks for letting me get this off my chest – I feel a teensy weensy bit better now 🙂


It saddens me to know that we’ve lost another young soul today.  To lose a loved one at any stage in their life is hard, and possibly harder still when they are so young.  My heart goes out to the family and friends who are suffering. 

How many people died the world over today?  How many families and friends around the world have had their lives turned up-side-down by the sudden loss of a loved one?

We do not have the right to sit in judgement of others.  We do not have the right to question their actions.

Instead we must ask what we can do in our own lives to ensure we make the most of every day we have.

Are you following your dream before it’s too late?  Are you loving like there is no tomorrow?  Are you playing with your children while they’re still young enough to want to play with you?

Do you appreciate all the good in your life rather than dwelling on the negative?  Do you tell the special people in your life that they are special?  Do you listen, I mean really listen to the silence?

Please take the time to enjoy what you have rather than constantly striving for what’s just out of reach, convinced it will make you happier than you are now.

Love, peace and soul connections to you all,

Anita xox

I know I’m being totally ungrateful…………..but……………..they’re coming home a day early!!  😦

What’s with that?!?

I don’t care if they miss me and want to come home! *not*  I don’t care if hubby’s got things he wants to do at home!  I don’t care if I’ve been extremely lucky to have five and a half days to myself!  I don’t care if I’m being ungrateful and slightly aspie!  They were due home Wednesday!!  I’m. Not. Ready.

Jan and Murphy need to bugger off somewhere together and leave us all alone!

Now I feel like my planned evening of junk food and DVD’s with another one of my besties is the last bloody supper!

Sure, I love them.  Sure, I’ve missed them (kinda, sorta).  But this was my one time alone for the whole year and they’re not. meant. to. be. coming. home. early.  Hubby’s going to Cairns (Queensland) for his birthday in June, on his own, to do whateva he wants and I’m absolutely positive he won’t be coming home early then!

I can see a major consoling session of chocolate coming on…………………..*sigh*

I’ve been tagged for my second Meme by Ree over at Hot Fessional – thanks Ree. Am I meant to get excited by these things? Or does it wear off?!? Anyway, here’s the rules:

  1. Link to the person that tagged you.
  2. Post the rules on your blog.
  3. Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself.
  4. Tag six random people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs.
  5. Let each random person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their website.

So without further ado:

  1. I have a small lump at the top of my left ear.  It could very well be a callous from too much time on the phone (it is my preferred ear) but I like to think it’s my testicle from listening to too many dickheads!
  2. I bite my nails – real bad *sob*  I have had beautiful nails on and off over the years, but then something happens and biting is one of the first things I turn to without even realising initially.  Maybe I should find someone something else to bite!!  Could get into trouble for that one though…………………
  3. I’ve only just realised I have an unusual placement in my family. I am the oldest child alive, which makes me the middle child, unless my mum and dad stopped after me coz they only wanted 2 kids, which would’ve made me the youngest.  I know, I know, I’m strange and slow 🙂
  4. Both my parents got re-married two weeks apart and my brother and I went from being 1 of 2 to 1 of 9 between the two families!!
  5. I can burp like a bloke! No. Really. I. Can. I won a burping competition against one of hubby’s friends years ago. How’s that for a claim to fame?!?
  6. I have a totally sick sense of humour – especially when my family (mum’s side) gets together. Meal times generally end up with major toilet humour discussions.  I never stood a chance did I *sigh*.

And here are my tags.

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Have fun 🙂

OK, some of you are a bit concerned by my nickname. You’re finding it hard to get your minds out of the gutter and see me for what I am – a TROMBONE playing gal 🙂

Soooooo…………………….I’m coming clean!!!!!

Hi, my name is Anita (known as A over Kelley’s way).  I have 2 boys (both with Aspergers), a wonderful husband (also unofficially ‘married’ to Kelley) and a St. Bernard dog.  I have nearly completed my diploma in Transpersonal Art Therapy which means I will be a qualified counsellor, trained to use different creative/artistic mediums to help people. I have an administration background, some advertising experience and an avid interest in the Autism world for obvious reasons. I can play the Trombone, Flute, Alto Sax and basic keyboard. I no longer play in any bands, but love music just as much as I ever did.

So there you go – how the hell am I going to write my 100 Things post now????? 🙂

I guess I better come clean over at Aussie Bloggers too so people stop avoiding eye contact while slowly backing away………..

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