New Year

………you know what I hate????? I hate it when you have to pack away all the Christmas decorations – all the while wishing to god you didn’t have sooooo many of them!!! And you know the really sad thing – I only got out about a quarter of them last year!! Unpacking the suckers is great coz you get the chance to re-acquaint yourself with all those lovely, lovely little treasures!! BUT putting them away after the season – well that’s just mean and totally overrated.

You know what else I hate? Having to find spots for all the new stuff the fat bloke brought – with absolutely no consideration for mothers and the stress they have trying to get their offspring to part with ‘old’ stuff to make room for the new! Where on earth is it all meant to go? Just what I need – another reminder that my abode is full of too much crap that I can’t fob off as someone elses’ junk! What’s with that!?

So yet another year begins with a guilt-ridden Boneblower trying to find the energy in this damn heat to start clearing the clutter! Wish me luck. 😦


to 2008! What will the new year bring? Have you made any resolutions? I have – don’t make em, won’t break em!! I’m sure to stick to that one 🙂

OMG have I had a heavy head today. For some silly reason I chose to ‘partake’ last night for the 1st time in a long time (kids do that to you!) to finish the silly season and a big year off with a bang *snigger snigger* Had T, her hubby and daughter over for a quiet one and they proceeded to take the piss out of me – how rude. We had fun but I found myself creeping into the new year wanting my sunnies, panadol and something greasy. How quickly we forget……………..or is that just me?!

Fat arsed it………….basically all day. Spoke to Kelley earlier and admitted what a slob I’ve been since starting my blog a few days ago. Suffice it to say, I’ve finally finished the Xmas dishes – I know, I know – disgusting! I’m disgusted. Note to self: must do better cleaning up after a gathering at my house. What? What did you say? Oh – why didn’t DH do it if I cooked all weekend for his family and then again for mine? Good question! Oh that’s right – he’s pinched a nerve in his back.

Does anyone else have this problem???

I remember (back in my day – only kidding!) BC (before children) when the cook in our house didn’t have to do the dishes AND we used to take it in turns to cook! That soon went out the window after the bambinos came along. Where does it say that it becomes the woman’s job to do everything at home when she’s a stay at home mum???? I want to have a serious word with the man person that wrote that rule!!!! Anyone……………..anyone………………..come on – I’ll have ya!!

to 2007! What a year it’s been. Where does one start – oh I know, I’ll do my 1st ever ‘Christmas’ letter……..

Dear Friends,

The beginning of 2007 saw some major changes about to occur in Boneblower’s World. DH back to work, nothing new there. DS1 starting Grade 1 (2nd year of primary school in Victoria) and DS2 doing a 2nd year of 4yo kinder, 4th year of Early Intervention, 1 day at Childcare and both boys in Speech Therapy. Me, I was about to become a full time student and wasn’t quite sure how the hell everything was going to work.

Everything got under way really well with yours truly having the only real hiccup – how on earth was I going to live in two completely different worlds at the same time? Student vs. wife, mother, daughter, friend, support group facilitator, committee member…………………. OMG – what have I done!!??

Initially I wanted to chuck everything else on the backburner and concentrate on my studies, especially when DH was telling me this was the year to be selfish – words I’m sure he’s sorry ever left his mouth. The content of my dipolma was experential – meaning we got to ‘experience’ most of what we were learning. Lessons about self came fast and furious with not a lot of breathing space in between.

Before I knew it we were in Term 2 and then Term 3 – for them! My course went straight through with 4 weeks off in August which proved to be brilliant timing.  We got one of those 4:30am phone calls on Friday 31st August telling me to get to Monash Hospital as soon as possible to hopefully see my dad for maybe the last time. Thank god for auto pilot when it came to driving that morning! He had a tear in his aorta which needed to be operated on immediately if he had any chance of surviving and even then they weren’t giving us any promises.

After 12 hours on the operating table he was in a drug induced coma for 6 days – they were having trouble bringing him round coz his blood pressure kept going through the roof everytime they tried. Eventually they managed it and a week after that we found out he’s a paraplegic from loss of blood flow to his spine during the surgery.  He’s currently still in a rehab hospital doing well and looking forward to going home when the reno’s at home are completed. He’s in nappies and been told he’ll never walk again but he’s not letting that stop him from trying.

I’ve found it a little harder to concentrate on my studies since then and have quite a few (6) assignments to complete before the end of January. DS1 received an excellent school report for the year and DS2 is ecstatic about starting school in the new year. DH has completed half of his course in Cisco networking and done really well. He has been a god sent this year.

Reflecting back on the year has been hard – remembering all that’s happened (must be getting old), but I suppose the important things are listed. I know I could not have accomplished anything this year without my husbands love, guidance, patience, support and tremendous help.  The highs have been fabulous, the lows have been shit and the somewhere-in-between – where we spent most of our time, has been bearable thank goodness.

Love and best wishes to you and yours,


It’s over. Bring on the New Year. I normally love Christmas and hate to see it end but this year I’ve had enough. I was talking to Kelley (magneto bold too – check out her blog, it’s brilliant!) today and we both decided everything needs to be put away. Now. I can’t believe how caught up we get in the festive season only to have it come and go in the blink of an eye. What’s with that?

I don’t know why I want 2008 to get here soooo quickly when DS2 starts school then. My baby’s heading off to school and I’m not ready OMG did I really say that! I was asking for a mid-year intake only a few months back 🙂 But he’s not going to have an easy time of it and I’m not really looking forward to spending so much bloody time in Prep. Been there done that one years ago!

And then there’s the usual dilemma, do we party or stay home for New Years Eve? Easier to have a drink at home, put the kids to bed at the normal time and fall asleep on the couch see in the new year without having to go anywhere! Luckily where we live you can see the fireworks in the surrounding suburbs and they run an earlier session for the kids.  That way we they don’t miss out!