………you know what I hate????? I hate it when you have to pack away all the Christmas decorations – all the while wishing to god you didn’t have sooooo many of them!!! And you know the really sad thing – I only got out about a quarter of them last year!! Unpacking the suckers is great coz you get the chance to re-acquaint yourself with all those lovely, lovely littleĀ treasures!! BUT putting them away after the season – well that’s just mean and totally overrated.

You know what else I hate? Having to find spots for all the new stuff the fat bloke brought – with absolutely no consideration for mothers and the stress they have trying to get their offspring to part with ‘old’ stuff to make room for the new! Where on earth is it all meant to go? Just what I need – another reminder that my abode is full of too much crap that I can’t fob off as someone elses’ junk! What’s with that!?

So yet another year begins with a guilt-ridden Boneblower trying to find the energy in this damn heat to start clearing the clutter! Wish me luck. šŸ˜¦