Hello……..hello………? Is anyone there? I know you’re out there! Don’t ignore me, they said you’d come!

I know, I know………….Boneblower?!? WTF I hear you ask. Well, as with most things, there is a story behind it.  Back when DH and I were planning our wedding I started playing the Trombone again (unbeknown to my family – but we won’t go there just yet).  The idea was for yours truly to sit down at our wedding and play with the brass ensemble in my wedding dress to let my family everyone know I was playing again.  I can hear you all going ohhhhh, isn’t that nice!

Well DH used to come home from work and ask if I’d practiced my trumpet!! It used to frustrate the crap out of me soooo much that one day I told him he could call it a ‘bone’ as you sometimes do in the industry. Well, that was the end of him. He nearly peed his pants.  He took great delight in asking me if I’d ‘blown the bone’ today!! Rude prick! Then, to top it all off, he got me a t-shirt airbrushed when we were on our honeymoon that says, yep, you guessed it……….Boneblower!

For those of you who don’t know me, I am a bloggin virgin who hopes to learn quickly. Married (DH) with 2 sons (DS1 & DS2) both with Aspergers Syndrome (ASD – Autism Spectrum Disorder) or Aspie as we like to use in my madhouse. I love chocolate and talking on the phone. I am always on the phone! My role in the ASD world dictates the necessity for being on the phone so often oh who am I kidding, it’s my lifeline, my sanity, my social life, my lifeline…………did I already say that?

I look forward to the possibility of spending time with you in the internet arena, ask that you be patient, tell me if you’ve got a gripe and tell everyone else if you think I’m wonderful 🙂