I’m a mum of two beautiful boys and wife of a wonderful husband. I adore chocolate and talking on the phone. I love music, movies, patchwork, my friends, helping families in the ASD (Autism) community, committees, art and generally trying to make a difference. I can be opinionated and fiery when it comes to justice for all and I love the irony in everyday situations.

I’m here to have my say about normal everyday things that affect us all and hope to find some like minded people out there in 2D land. Enjoy!  🙂


One Response to “About”

  1. Megan Says:

    Hey there, I like your style boneblower. Everything from butts to Christmas decorations! Now there’s a combination! I can just see the Christmas tree now…:) I don’t really know what to comment, I can relate to what you say about most of it. Don’t be too hard on yourself about certain things, including loyalty to the couch at times. How are you going to wrest back time for study? Sorry I am so motherish advicish:( I must lighten up, but I can’t yet, I have to race to the finish(beginning)line! I could so do with a holiday, and at times my body just forces me to lie down and I can’t think really when I’m exhausted anyway. But I am determined, this is my favourite path and I am going for it. I feel molecularly transformed and the transformation into Actual Art Therapist is almost complete! Somehow it’s all going to work, even as my 16 year old prepares to move out and my youngest begins at school, and my bills increase and my body gets older (39 this month!) and my home is a mess generator…… somehow it’s all going to work because we learnt the right stuff! xoxoxo

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