I’ve just got to tell you all about one of my besties……………………

I love this woman – she is a real gem.

We met a number of years ago at a conference in Wodonga and one of the first things that interested me about her was her intellect. After hours of discussion over the weekend I could tell she was someone I wanted to stay in touch with. Her willingness to share her knowledge in a completely selfless, non judgemental and down to earth manner was totally refreshing.

As the months went on our friendship developed at a fairly fast pace, quickly getting to the place it’s at now. She is someone I admire and have a lot of time for. She is intelligent, selfless, humorous, beautiful, quick thinking and totally devoted to her children. She knows how to really have fun even though the constraints of her family rarely allow her the luxury of letting her hair down. She is a wonderful mother, brilliant at planning and executing the best parties, and always there for advice, concern and support. She has never, and I mean never, let me down.

Who is this fabulous woman full of patience, honesty, strength, quick wit and coffee??

Most of you know her as Magneto Bold Too – but to me she’s Kelley.

‘The Almighty Mummy’ Β is a title she definitely deserves and I am honoured to be her friend.

Love ya babe xox