It saddens me to know that we’ve lost another young soul today.  To lose a loved one at any stage in their life is hard, and possibly harder still when they are so young.  My heart goes out to the family and friends who are suffering. 

How many people died the world over today?  How many families and friends around the world have had their lives turned up-side-down by the sudden loss of a loved one?

We do not have the right to sit in judgement of others.  We do not have the right to question their actions.

Instead we must ask what we can do in our own lives to ensure we make the most of every day we have.

Are you following your dream before it’s too late?  Are you loving like there is no tomorrow?  Are you playing with your children while they’re still young enough to want to play with you?

Do you appreciate all the good in your life rather than dwelling on the negative?  Do you tell the special people in your life that they are special?  Do you listen, I mean really listen to the silence?

Please take the time to enjoy what you have rather than constantly striving for what’s just out of reach, convinced it will make you happier than you are now.

Love, peace and soul connections to you all,

Anita xox


I know I’m being totally ungrateful…………..but……………..they’re coming home a day early!!  😦

What’s with that?!?

I don’t care if they miss me and want to come home! *not*  I don’t care if hubby’s got things he wants to do at home!  I don’t care if I’ve been extremely lucky to have five and a half days to myself!  I don’t care if I’m being ungrateful and slightly aspie!  They were due home Wednesday!!  I’m. Not. Ready.

Jan and Murphy need to bugger off somewhere together and leave us all alone!

Now I feel like my planned evening of junk food and DVD’s with another one of my besties is the last bloody supper!

Sure, I love them.  Sure, I’ve missed them (kinda, sorta).  But this was my one time alone for the whole year and they’re not. meant. to. be. coming. home. early.  Hubby’s going to Cairns (Queensland) for his birthday in June, on his own, to do whateva he wants and I’m absolutely positive he won’t be coming home early then!

I can see a major consoling session of chocolate coming on…………………..*sigh*

I’ve just got to tell you all about one of my besties……………………

I love this woman – she is a real gem.

We met a number of years ago at a conference in Wodonga and one of the first things that interested me about her was her intellect. After hours of discussion over the weekend I could tell she was someone I wanted to stay in touch with. Her willingness to share her knowledge in a completely selfless, non judgemental and down to earth manner was totally refreshing.

As the months went on our friendship developed at a fairly fast pace, quickly getting to the place it’s at now. She is someone I admire and have a lot of time for. She is intelligent, selfless, humorous, beautiful, quick thinking and totally devoted to her children. She knows how to really have fun even though the constraints of her family rarely allow her the luxury of letting her hair down. She is a wonderful mother, brilliant at planning and executing the best parties, and always there for advice, concern and support. She has never, and I mean never, let me down.

Who is this fabulous woman full of patience, honesty, strength, quick wit and coffee??

Most of you know her as Magneto Bold Too – but to me she’s Kelley.

‘The Almighty Mummy’  is a title she definitely deserves and I am honoured to be her friend.

Love ya babe xox

OK, some of you are a bit concerned by my nickname. You’re finding it hard to get your minds out of the gutter and see me for what I am – a TROMBONE playing gal 🙂

Soooooo…………………….I’m coming clean!!!!!

Hi, my name is Anita (known as A over Kelley’s way).  I have 2 boys (both with Aspergers), a wonderful husband (also unofficially ‘married’ to Kelley) and a St. Bernard dog.  I have nearly completed my diploma in Transpersonal Art Therapy which means I will be a qualified counsellor, trained to use different creative/artistic mediums to help people. I have an administration background, some advertising experience and an avid interest in the Autism world for obvious reasons. I can play the Trombone, Flute, Alto Sax and basic keyboard. I no longer play in any bands, but love music just as much as I ever did.

So there you go – how the hell am I going to write my 100 Things post now????? 🙂

I guess I better come clean over at Aussie Bloggers too so people stop avoiding eye contact while slowly backing away………..

OK, who’s got it??? I’ve searched the house from top to bottom. I’ve looked everywhere! I’ve asked my friends and not one of them has seen it! I’ve checked the garden, the rubbish bins, the boys room, my self help books and even asked the dog! I’m desperate and I can’t function without it so I’m asking you guys if any of you have seen my Mo-Jo????

Life without it has become unbearably difficult. All the things I was coping with are starting to wear me down. I’ve. Got. To. Find. It.

I can’t control my anxiety over DH’s health issues, dad, my stepfather (waiting on results from bone scans for bone cancer), muti’s health issues, major concerns with DS2 and everything that’s going on with him, trying to get my assignments completed to sit my exam and finding my house without my Mo-Jo 😦

So if any of you beautiful people have seen it or have some suggestions on where else I can look, please contact me – I will be eternally grateful xox

Butt, butt, butt, butt, butt!!!! Don’t ya just love a good butt 🙂 To quote Donkey, “I like big butt……..”, well – mine anyway! But it doesn’t really matter what shape or size – we’ve all got one! So how then do we take care of it and the rest of our glorious bods?!?

I don’t know about you but I am constantly and I mean constantly reminded how unfit and overweight I am. If it’s not my 8 year old (he keeps suggesting I go on Biggest Loser), it’s my family or the media (all sorts) or the diet companies or the fitness centres or the medical profession or the clothing industry or the models or the eating disorder units (obese is classed as an eating disorder and apparently I do fit in that category – yeah I know, the photo………….that was taken 13 years ago and holds very little resemblance to the person I have become) or the dentist (bad food rots your teeth) or the friends that are getting in shape and have started calling me Norm (anyone else old enough to remember that one)!!!!!! Well, I have something to say to the lot of you! Are you listening? I mean really listening?

I have finally found out what I’ve been doing wrong all these years and feel it is my duty to inform all people in my situation of this horrid mistake we’ve all been making………………………………….. 


Now don’t you wish you knew that years ago?!?! We need to get the message out there people. How on earth are we to make a stand against ‘the weight loss industry’ if we don’t have the facts!

Well – now you do. Go forth, spread the word, share this post. The more people we reach – the less people they can try to manipulate! God speed……

to 2008! What will the new year bring? Have you made any resolutions? I have – don’t make em, won’t break em!! I’m sure to stick to that one 🙂

OMG have I had a heavy head today. For some silly reason I chose to ‘partake’ last night for the 1st time in a long time (kids do that to you!) to finish the silly season and a big year off with a bang *snigger snigger* Had T, her hubby and daughter over for a quiet one and they proceeded to take the piss out of me – how rude. We had fun but I found myself creeping into the new year wanting my sunnies, panadol and something greasy. How quickly we forget……………..or is that just me?!

Fat arsed it………….basically all day. Spoke to Kelley earlier and admitted what a slob I’ve been since starting my blog a few days ago. Suffice it to say, I’ve finally finished the Xmas dishes – I know, I know – disgusting! I’m disgusted. Note to self: must do better cleaning up after a gathering at my house. What? What did you say? Oh – why didn’t DH do it if I cooked all weekend for his family and then again for mine? Good question! Oh that’s right – he’s pinched a nerve in his back.

Does anyone else have this problem???

I remember (back in my day – only kidding!) BC (before children) when the cook in our house didn’t have to do the dishes AND we used to take it in turns to cook! That soon went out the window after the bambinos came along. Where does it say that it becomes the woman’s job to do everything at home when she’s a stay at home mum???? I want to have a serious word with the man person that wrote that rule!!!! Anyone……………..anyone………………..come on – I’ll have ya!!