Dickhead. Drivers!!!!

I know, I know, I’m not being very nice but really – what’s with their shit?!?

If the speed limit says 70 don’t sit on 50 for gods sake, holding up the traffic, pissing people off, being a catalyst for road rage, meandering through life in your own little world!!  Get out of the f**king way!!

I can handle 5-10 kms under the speed limit, if you’re not being a nuisance or your car can’t cope, but any more than that and you need to stay home or hand in your licence.  People who do have a life need to be places on time – especially when they’ve left home with more than enough time to spare so they will NOT BE LATE!!!  I don’t care if the universe makes everything happen for a reason and that things happen as and when they’re meant to.  If I leave home to be somewhere by a certain time, the only thing that’s allowed to prevent me from being on time is an accident – which these idiots will have caused by pissing people off, who then take chances they wouldn’t normally take to get around them!

*calm blue ocean* *calm blue ocean*

OK, I’ve taken a breath………………..I’ve had my whine………….where’s the chocolate!!