Don’t ya just love family! I finally got the ‘fall out’ from Christmas day. Picture this: nice peaceful day, first time in about 20 years since I’ve had Mutti (my mum) and Nanna (her mum) to myself on Christmas day without all the Riff-Raff (stepfathers lot), table decorations top class (wanted to spoil them) and a meal of family traditional recipes planned! Do you think that passed muster? Nup. I made Nanna’s pumpkin chiffon pie and sago plum pudding for dessert which neither she nor Mutti had eaten/prepared for years!!! Apparently I need a lesson in how to make pastry! I know how to make bloody pastry! I ran out of time that morning so used the frozen stuff (only ever as a back up – I promise) so the pie was ready in time! Last time I try to please the ungrateful wretch with her own recipes!!