It’s over. Bring on the New Year. I normally love Christmas and hate to see it end but this year I’ve had enough. I was talking to Kelley (magneto bold too – check out her blog, it’s brilliant!) today and we both decided everything needs to be put away. Now. I can’t believe how caught up we get in the festive season only to have it come and go in the blink of an eye. What’s with that?

I don’t know why I want 2008 to get here soooo quickly when DS2 starts school then. My baby’s heading off to school and I’m not ready OMG did I really say that! I was asking for a mid-year intake only a few months back 🙂 But he’s not going to have an easy time of it and I’m not really looking forward to spending so much bloody time in Prep. Been there done that one years ago!

And then there’s the usual dilemma, do we party or stay home for New Years Eve? Easier to have a drink at home, put the kids to bed at the normal time and fall asleep on the couch see in the new year without having to go anywhere! Luckily where we live you can see the fireworks in the surrounding suburbs and they run an earlier session for the kids.  That way we they don’t miss out!