What a joke! They are only a ‘bargin’ if you planned on getting that wonderful something anyway. If you’re buying it coz it’s on ‘sale’, you’ve spent money you didn’t need to and haven’t ‘saved’ anything. Take my bargain shopping today. If I had bought 2 Christmas trees for DS1 & DS2 on a whim because they were reduced, I wouldn’t have saved anything. But I didn’t. I already knew that’s what I wanted to do so I saved money!! 2 for the price of one!! And then I got decorations for them – all half price, looked at bon-bons for next year (but I don’t think they keep?!?), considered more Christmas cake, shortbread, chocolate elves and realised it’s nearly New Year (not really appropriate now – is it?) and basically could have shopped till I dropped, literally. The Christmas cards are really cheap at the moment too and then I saw a really nice dinner set, how many diary’s does one need…………………………oh what the heck, enjoy the sales – I did 🙂